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04 April 2010

More Matters of Interface

In The Interface Matters, I gave a first approximation of some fashion tips for the academic interview. To follow up, I'll first give you some thoughts on accessorizing:
  • Get yourself a nice pen. One of those $30 range kinds. Many people like the Waterman pens, but I like the David Allen Folio pen better. It's particularly nice to bring to meetings.
  • We don't tend to need watches much any more, but a nice one can help complete your look and give you confidence.
  • Look into pocket squares and tie clips. If you are wearing a tie clip, a ring, and a watch, consider following the "match metals" Design Pattern. (Include your belt buckle in the equation.) The metals only need to match in look, not element, e.g., so you can have a stainless steel watch to go with your white gold ring.
Other thoughts:
  • In addition to the slim cut for your suit, be sure to ask your tailor to show some cuff.
  • If you really cannot afford a suit, then go with dress pants and a shirt and tie. Interviews are during the winter, so you'll have your winter coat on too, and indoors it might just look like your took your jacket off.
  • Work on slimming down your wallet, keeping only the essentials. To help prevent pocket bulge, you can get a card holder for your license and ATM/credit cards and a money clip for your cash.
  • Work on your posture. When sitting down with committee members, don't swivel your chair.
  • I probably should have mentioned to get a haircut, too.
Hmm, come to think of it, this list can function as a great gift guide if you know a graduating academic.

For more information, particularly since I haven't addressed fashion for female computer scientists, check out Academichic.